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 "I was looking for something to refresh my skin. I tried the EMS facial protocol and was pleasantly surprised with the results. After the first treatment my skin had a healthy glow.  By the tenth treatment my skin was less ruddy the wrinkles were diminished and the texture was improved.  This is a fantastic option for someone who prefers to use a noninvasive treatment to reverse the signs of aging."
L.F, 56
Coquitlam, BC

"Wow, I love the look of my face! Skin is smooth and radiant, and facial muscles are toned and tightened. The EMS pulses have lifted my face and lifted my spirit. The changes are very quick, I was pleasently surprised after just five 20 minute sessions. I highly recommend E-Waves facial toner treatments." 
April 2016
Debra, 58
​Port Coquitlam, BC



" It's only fitting I practice what I preach! Although I have been doing sessions on myself since 2008 I got the opportuhity to really put it to the test after my pregnancy. I always found the toning sessions to help strengthen my core, ease my back when it got sore and give me tone and definition that I've been able to maintain throughout the years by consistantly doing treatments.  I'm a slim woman and gaining 30 lbs of pregnancy weight was hard on me and my back. I lost my core strength and I had a C-Section that made me that much weaker. I also acquired  loose skin on my abdomen and extra cellulite on my hips and upper thigh area. Two months after I gave birth I did 20 sessions on my abs, hips/buttocks and upper inner/outer thighs. I'm super pleased with the results! I maintained the same weight but lost a total of 2 3/4 inches on my abdomen. The look changed from soft and bloated to tighter, more toned and acquiring back definition. My hips/butt measurements went up as the treatments on this area created a different shaping and a lift and my cellulite dimished giving my skin a smoother look. With a 1/2 inch down on each upper thigh my legs trimmed down and created a more prominent thigh gap.  I've always had very satisfied 'new mom' clients looking for that kickstart to reduce their mummy tummies and to get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies and I'm so happy I can count myself among them! The muscle toning sessions shaped and sculpted my body, boosting my confidance and  helping me to feel like my old self again. I have a whole new appreciation for having a healthy body. It was a much needed treat to myself after pregnancy!"  
September 2016
Colette Strachan, 31
Strathmore, AB

"I was one of Colette's clients when she was in Regina. I highly recommend Colette and E-Waves Toning. The entire experience is pleasurable and relaxing the results are amazing!"
"I have been a client of Beauty Tone Body Shaping for two years. The results have been amazing. Colette is very well informed regarding EMS procedure and has worked several areas of my body. The procedure has eliminated several inchles from ym problem tummy area, while I relax in a spa like atmosphere. It is truly refreshing, invigorating and very results oriented. I look forward to seeing her on a very regular basis. I find Colette's approach to her clients to be very professional, honest, and friendly. I would highly recommend Colette to everyone!"
B.H,  55
Regina, SK

"The infrared eased joint and muscle pain while improving the feel of my entire body on a cellular level.  It improved my mood and gave me a general sense of well being. A big thank you to Colette for my infrared heat blanket free trial! After 45 minutes of being heated from the inside out, my back pain was alleviated and I felt rejuvinated at a cellular level. Amazing!"
M.B 32
Regina, SK

"I look good and I feel good. Beauty Tones Body Shaping sessions have helped me target and tone the difficult areas of my body. My clothes fit better and I do not only feel better but I also feel more confident. The sessions are simple, relaxing and stress free. They are an easy addition to anyone's busy schedule. Thanks for the wonderfu results Colette!"
T.B, 40
Regina, SK

" Elecrtric Muscle Stimulation combined with healthy eating and regular exercise has given me strong, shapely legs and arms as well as a strong, toned core. A stronger body has enabled me to d o my tasks at home and work with confidence and ease. I thank Beauty Tones Body Shaping for the body I am enjoying!"
C.T, 60
Regina, SK

" I thought I was as "good as it's going to get" until I discovered Beauty Tones...and I'm not just talking about my waistline! I had been in a car accident where I had broken my back and sustained severe soft tissue injury and nerve damage. After extensive physiotherapy, I regained limited use in my left arm. I had difficulty stregthening my core, as I had previously had a C-Section. The Beauty Tones EMS treatments have made a tremendous improvement in my strength; they have been an excellent form of pain management; and as an added bonus I have lost several inches!"
R.S, 49
Regina, SK

" Because I am a busy mother of five and a full time business woman, I don't have time to go to the gym. That's why I love Beauty Tones!! Just after a few treatments my clothes were already fitting loose. results are fast and I've never felt healthier. The best part is that it doesn't hurt and yet I feel like I've had a workout! I'm very impressed at how easy the process is."
K.R, 34
Regina, SK