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Frequently Asked Questions
~ How does it work?
An electric impulse pulse contracts and relaxes the muscles, exersicing them.
~Does it hurt and what does it feel like?
EMS is not meant to hurt. Though some discomfort may be experienced it is tolerable. Most clients find it to be relaxing. The sensation can be similar to a deep tissue massage and the targeted muscles will be felt contacting.
~Is it safe?
Yes. EMS is safe and there are no negative side effects. 
~How often should I come for a treatment?
Per area three times a week is ideal but twice a week is minimum for result.
~How many sessions do I need?
A minimum of 10 sessions is needed for lasting results. Depending on the problem areas and the client's goals, 20 or more sessions is ideal. 
~How many areas can I target in a single session?
A client may choose 2-3 areas. Depending on the client's goals, the technician will suggest to focus on an area for optimal results. 
~How long do the effects last?
With EMS you are using 100% of your muscle, where as with normal exercise you only use 50-60% of your muscle fibers unless you are a trained athlete therefor your results will last longer. If your weight remains consistant the effects will last 6-8 months.If you intergrate exercise and a proper healthy diet, the results can last indefinitely.  Results vary with every individual and inch loss can be average to considerably above average. 
~How many inches will I lose?
Upon completion of 10 sessions and if the clients weight remains constant, and factoring in lifestyle and diet, one could expect a loss that varies between 1/2-2" off the rib cage, waist and lower abdomen.  Accordingly, one could lose up to 2 pant sizes in 20 sessions. 
~Will I feel sore after?
There is no lactic acid building therefore your muscles will not ache after. EMS treatments do not require glucose which is normally utilized during exercise. This is an important benefit because the body burns surrounding fat cells without decreasing glucose levels.This prevents build up of lactid acid which is what would normally cause stiffness or soreness after an intense work out.
~I just had a baby. When can I start session?
EMS sessions make for a fast and easy way of correcting stretched stomach muscles after pregnancy. You can start 6 weeks after natural childbirth or 6 months after a caesarean.
~Will I lose weight?
Muscles consume more calories per day than fat. The more muscle you build the more your calorie consumption goes up and your weight will be proportionate, keeping mindful that your diet remain balanced and appropriate. Weightloss will be greater if you incorporate cardio into your routine. The EMS will tone the muscles and will make the process of weight loss more efficient. You need muscle to burn fat. 
~What are the contra-indications that might prevent me from doing electric muscle stimulation?
Cardiovascular problems, if you have a pacemaker,  pregancy, recent surgery where you are not yet fully healed, thrombosis and cancer. 
~What is vibration therapy?
Vibration thereapy is a proven science. The machine produces a vibration through which ebergy is transferred to the body. The stimulus creates a stretch reflex which, depending on the freqency results in rapid muscle contraction 30-50 per second. 
~What is the science behind it?
The Stretch Reflex: The movement of the vibration plate stimulates the body's natural tonic vibration reflex. Without thinking about it, your body responds with a strong involuntary muscle contraction.  With the vibe machine, these strong muscle contractions can be repeated at a fast rate.  The machine can produce up to 3000 contraction in a single minute. 
Nearly 100% muscle recruitment: Due to its involuntary effect on muscle contraction, nearly 100% of the muscle fibers are being worked. Compare this to conventional exercise where approx half that is being used. This benefits the rehabilitation patient looking to add stability adn strength to all muscles around their joints and to athletes looking to maximize strength.
~How long are sessions, how often and how many should I do?
Sessions are 10 minutes and are recommended to be done minimum 3 times a week for 10-20 + in total.  
~What are the effects?
Benefits include fat burning, improved quality and effectiveness of training, improved mobility, flexibility, balance/coordination and strength, reduction of stress on joints, restoral of hormonal balance and increased HGH growth as well as testosterone in men, speeds up metabolism, reduction in stress, revitilizing,  an improvement in quality and tone of skin, reduction in inflammation in the body, drainage of the lymphatic system and detoxification and promotes better blood circulation by introducing more oxygen into the blood stream. 
~ Are there any reasons why I should not use this machine?
Yes, if you are pregnant, have thrombosis, cardiiovascular diseases, recent wounds from an injury or operation or if you have synthetic joints.