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Electric Muscle Stimulation
For all your muscle toning, stregthening. slimming and overall good health and fitness needs, E-Waves Toning & Wellness Studio offers a variety of time effective, non-invasive and relaxing treatments. 
E-Waves offers  electric muscle stimulation, whole body vibration and infrared heat to suit your needs in a customized plan to help you achieve your wellness goals! 
Safe, Easy & Healthy
Experienced Staff
Time Effective
All services and methods are non invasive, pain free and safe for most people.  
Colette Strachan is a double certified electric muscle stimulation technician with 8 years experience and knowledge
Treatments vary from 20-60 minutes achieving fast and long lasting results upon completion of a series of sessions.
A Happy Body Is A Happy You! 
E-Waves Toning & Wellness Studio is a small business owned and operated by sole proprietor Colette Strachan. Primarily using electric muscle stimulation (EMS) as the driving force in achieving good health and physical fitness, it is a safe and highly effective way to successfully get inch loss, muscle tone and definition, reduce cellulite, build strength, act as a useful method for pain management and much more!  EMS takes the work out of working out so you can enjoy all the benefits of conventional exercise without the stress, exhaustive effort and time consumption.  Easy and relaxing,
E-Waves will help you reach your health and fitness goals in as little as 30 minutes  2 to 3 times a week in a 4-6 week period. 
 DZT Whole Body Vibration 
Electric Muscle Stimulation
Far Infrared Therapy




Tone muscle
Lymphatic drainage
Improve flexibility, mobility & strength
Burn calories
Reduce inflammation
& MORE! 
  • Whole body
Boost immune system
Facilitate weight loss
Reduce cellulite
Pain relief
Restore sleep
Relieve stress
  • Whole body (excludes face)
Tone muscle
Inch loss
Muscle strength
Pain management
  • Facial and whole body